Configuration values needed to set up Iteras:

  • Merchant account name
  • API key
  • Origin key
  • Live URL prefix
  • HMAC key

Configure webservice user in Adyen

Note Merchant account name.

Go to Account -> Users

  • User Account details:
    • User type: Webservice
  • Roles:
    • Checkout encrypted cardholder data
    • Checkout webservice role
    • Merchant PAL Webservice role
    • Merchant Recurring role
  • Accounts:
    • Select the appropriate merchant account
  • Save user – then keep editing the same user
  • API key:
    • Generate API key
    • Note API key for later configuration in Iteras
    • Save Generated API Key
  • Origin key:
    • Input:
    • Generate Origin Key
    • Note Origin Key (starts with “pub.”) for later configuration in Iteras
  • Save user

Configure integration in Iteras

In Iteras administration configuration under Integrationer -> Adyen:

  • Choose “Ny Adyen-integration”
  • Add “Merchant account name”, “API key”, “Origin key” noted earlier
  • Note HMAC key
  • Save configuration
  • Note “Server notification URL” from integration overview

Configure server communication in Adyen

In Adyen administration go to Account -> Server communication

  • Standard Notification -> Add
    • URL: “Server notification URL” noted from above
    • SSL Version: TLSv1.2
    • Active: Yes
    • Additional Settings:
      • Generate HMAC: Insert HMAC key noted above
      • Add “Acquirer Result”
      • If SEPA Direct Debit payment method is activated also choose “Include Bank Account Details”
    • Save Configuration

In Adyen administration go to Account -> Server communication

  • Copy “Live endpoint url prefix” and add to Iteras configuration as Live URL prefix”
  • Further down the page under Additional data in API response select:
    • Card summary
    • Expiry date
    • Variant
    • Authorisation amount
    • Authorisation amount (dynamic zero authorisation)
    • Recurring details
    • Merchant reference
  • Save the configuration

The Adyen integration is set up and ready to use!